Child Protection and Youth Empowerment.

Our Child Protection interventions aim to strengthen social safety nets protecting children and youth from abuse and exploitation and increase access to legal support and civil restitution for vulnerable children and their households.
We achieve this through:
Mobilizing communities and increase their awareness around child protection concerns;
Empowering vulnerable households to access protection and legal redress services;
Enhancement of referral mechanisms through which vulnerable households can access relevant protection and legal services;
Youth mentoring reaching youths in schools, in the community and at the facility. Using their youth friendly spaces, youth share ideas and learn new ways on how to live a purposeful adolescent life, engaging in activities such as adolescent sexual reproductive health talks, games and sports, music dance and drama life skills trainings, computer training;
The youth also have free access to youth friendly services including sexual reproductive health services;
Youth living with HIV/AIDS are being supported to overcome challenges of living with and growing up with HIV and AIDS, through theater and performing arts and testimonies.