Nile Aids Project


Nile AIDS Project is a US based non-profit organization founded in 2010 by a former volunteer at St. Francis Health Care Services (STFHCS).  Given its 501c3 tax status Nile AIDS Project allows US based donors to make tax-exempt contributions to St Francis Health Care services, which also acts as an independent fundraising source for St. Francis.  Nile AIDS Project provides advocacy support for the mission of St. Francis. – “To provide equitable, inclusive and affordable quality health care, economic empowerment and social services to the community

In the past Nile Aids Project has mobilized funds to send a shipping container of medical supplies and open the maternity ward.  This has greatly contributed to efforts to improve Maternal Child Health indicators and prevent mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV.

Nile AIDS project has also raised funds that have gone towards the Omoana House (a children’s rehabilitation house) programs and the clearance of taxes for a donated vehicle from USAID.

Given the importance of former volunteers – once people see the amazing work being done at St Francis Health Care Services, they usually want to continue supporting the institution. St. Francis is open to engaging likeminded individuals and volunteers from across the world to realize our Vision. (Email: [email protected])